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Power Station Auction (SEC 4th Station - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) 

Power Station Auction (SEC 4th Station) The SEC establishes it in 1970, and it was throughout operating and maintained periodically by major international companies and its maintenance conducted lastly in 2016 and shutdown.

Lot # 1 

ABB Turbine unit, German Made, Works on Diesel.

Quantity 4 units and each unit consist of the following:

1.       Capacity 24.76 MW

2.       Internal Generator Comes with each Turbine (MW).

3.       External Generator for all units 2400 kva

4.       4 units connected with external transformers

5.       Control Room with an integrated operating system

6.       Integrated cooling system

7.       Control System Seconitic

Lot # 2 

Hitachi Turbine Unit, Japanese Made

Each unit consist of the following:

1.       Double shaft turbine FS 7, 41, 43 MW(56,88 Megawatts)

2.       270 kva Internal Generator

3.       Exhaust Ventilation

4.       Internal Generator 71,100 kva

5.       MCC Circuit Breaker connects with external transformer & High Voltage controller 33kva

6.       The entire unit controlled using mark 1 control system

7.       The turbine also connects with filters, fuel pumping units, and with a cooling system

8.       All units work using diesel fuel

Lot # 3 

External Electric Generator turbine units, Brand Hitachi, Japanese made

Quantity 2 units

Each unit consist of the following:

1.       Double shaft turbine FS 5 model with a capacity of 15.15 MW (Design capacity 23.34mw)

2.       External Generator 625kwa

3.       Cooling system for each unit

4.       The two units are connected with external transformer and a common control room

5.       The control system is Mark 2 model

6.       It has integrated operating system

7.       Diesel fuel operated

Lot # 4 

Fuel System consists of the following:

1.       Fuel Tanks,

2.       Pumps along with accessories which are fuel transport pipes,

3.       Fire Fighting Units,

4.       Pipes and fittings.

Lot # 5 

Scrape yard containing a variety of Spare parts.

1.       The item also contains a pressure control room

2.       Atlas compressor

        3.      Room containing fixed cranes and two battery rooms in addition to an oxygen cylinder.

  • ID 40893
  • Category Industrial Unit
  • Discipline Other
  • Commodity Other
  • Sub commodity Others
  • UOM Other
  • Available quantity 5
  • Age 0
  • Condition: Used

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